Fully Healed by Arlene Alicea

What does it take to be Fully Healed? After we go through the process of being spiritually

healed, we often still feel the pain of our wounds. God does not want that for us. Our

experiences are meant to help us grow and get stronger so we can continue on to help

others. (John 15:7-8).In helping others we come to a place of feeling and actually being Fully

Healed. It takes work but more importantly it takes being in God’s Word and being

surrounded by others living in Christ just like you.

It took me a while to even realize I needed healing and what caused my true pain, but everyday I just walked with my Lord and Savior and believed, trusted, and had tremendous faith in Him. (Matthew 17:20). I’m not good at being patient but He has shown me the blessings of waiting for His timing.